SFM Offshore Reviews

SFM Offshore reviews

Wondering if you should put your trust in SFM’s company formation services? Trust our regulated reviews…


Leaders in the industry of onshore and offshore company formation and management services worldwide, multinationals, small and medium enterprises, and individuals consistently turn to SFM for their corporate requirements. We offer a range of professional services to facilitate the incorporation process in over 15 jurisdictions. From assisting in the formation of companies to registering and managing the corporate entities to accounting, auditing, and even virtual office solutions, our staff who are located in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and the Seychelles, provide clarity to clients who are looking for comprehensive support. Guaranteeing confidentiality, a competitive pricing policy, support from a knowledgeable staff, and best business practice standards, clients can rest assured when they choose to partner with SFM.


But if such reasons are not enough to persuade you to put your faith in SFM, then simply look to the hundreds of testimonials and reviews put forward by our clients. SFM proudly boasts a 96% client satisfaction rate, proof of which can be found on http://www.sfm-offshore.com/feefo.html. These are real endorsements left by our actual clients and each comment and rating is verified by the third party company, Feefo.com, assuring that SFM delivers on its promises.


Feefo.com is completely independent of SFM so once our clients have gone through our services, they each have the opportunity to give honest and public feedback on their experience. These reviews are available for all to read on our Website, providing reassurance to prospective clients who are on the fence about choosing SFM for their company formation needs, as well as letting us at SFM know that we are continuing to meet the requirements of our customers.


“SFM has been efficient, supportive, and professional. Very patient and re-assuring!” reads one client’s feedback, while another says, “The offshore registration transaction was pretty straight forward. What should have been a similarly simple follow-up bank account setup became a convoluted process bogged down by compliance red tape. SFM persevered through months of paper work to get the job done. Really quite impressed.” Comments can be as short or as long as the client desires and reviews are also anonymous, once again guaranteeing that our client’s views can remain honest and authentic without fear of repercussions.


So put aside your reservations and contact us today to find out more about how we can be of assistance to you should you be thinking of setting up an onshore or offshore company. We welcome the opportunity to advise you and you can be sure that to maintain our exceptional client satisfaction rating, we will work hard to deliver on our promises and meet your requests.


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